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Supply and installation by highly cadres and technicians using modern technologies and providing the best types of artificial turf, best services, fast delivery, quality, and the best price with the best possible result.

Pioneer in supplying and installing of artificial turf, plants, basins and green walls in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

An Egyptian company based on Port Said Street, El Mousky, Cairo, since 1994.

True Tech for artificial turf and plants and landscape:

  • True Tech is a one of the leading companies in the field of artificial turf, plants, basins and green walls since 1994.

  • The company is characterized by fast delivery and high quality products. The company guarantee all work performed by it.

  • We offer you integrated services at the best prices and the best possible result


True Tech for artificial turf, plants, basins and green walls is a leading Egyptian company in supplying and carrying out the works of Landscape, artificial turf, indoor, outdoor, walls and floors decorations



  • Supplying and installing artificial turfs of all types for all kinds of sports stadiums.

  • Supplying and installing artificial turf for all kinds of green areas.

  • Beautifying fields with artificial turf and installation of aesthetic anthropomorphics.

  • All garden supplies as well as indoor and outdoor ornamental plants.

  • Installing all types and sizes of green walls.

  • The company supplies villas, new cities, compounds, gardens, parks, roads, nurseries and hotels.

  • Designing artificial turf according to international standards to be an alternative that mimics the look traditional turf grass


Company Projects:

  • Amer Group

  • Ahmed El Sallab

  • Abdul Aziz El Sallab

  • Mazloum

  • Nile Real Estate Company.

  • Memaar Al Morshedy.

  • Al Mansour Real Estate.

  • Studio Misr and Fish Ring Mama and Chills restaurants.

  • Nile City boat - Zamalek.


Artificial turf advantages:

  • Low cost

  • Ease, speed and flexibility of installation

  • Resists weather factors and its changes.

  • It does not require any care or cutting.

  • Its maintenance cost is significantly lower compared with the natural grass.

  • Helps conserve water as it does not need irrigation.

  • It can be used several times because it can be moved and installed again.

  • It can be installed on various floors, whatever the type of surface.

  • Its color does not change and the hairs do not come off from its roots (note that the life span of this grass is 15-20 years and may increase and may decrease according to use and the type of the surface of the playgrounds or gardens. It decreases in playgrounds and increases in gardens.

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