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Taking care of the gardens and the outdoor appearance of your home is one of the basics of this era. With the presence of many entertainment facilities in the house, sitting in a spacious garden filled with decorations that mixed with nature has become one of the best ways to feel comfortable and relax.

Landscape consists of two parts:



It includes swimming pools, rocks, pergolas, buildings, and others.



It includes flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, and others.

An Egyptian company based on Port Said Street,
El Mousky, Cairo, since 1994.

True Tech landscape advantages:

True Tech landscape has many advantages such as:


Landscapes are used to cover the outdoor spaces as an alternative to the natural grass.

Landscape is used to create green spaces to decorate and beautify the villas and palaces.

True Tech uses a landscape that is characterized by modern designs, innovation, elegance and beauty.

True Tech offers landscape in many forms, there is an artificial landscaping, and there is a natural landscaping, and we have all kinds of colored stones and pebbles.

True Tech also makes swimming pools. We offer integrated services that make your home yard more beautiful.

True Tech uses the best synthetic grass materials that comply with FIFA specifications, are harmless to the environment and are also low-cost.

True Tech is a professional company in the field of landscaping. The company uses the latest equipment and the best materials, and the company has a group of highly trained technicians.

True Tech adheres to the dates agreed upon with customers, so there are no delays in delivery. Our motto is commitment, accuracy and creativity in implementation.

True Tech is one of the leading companies in the field of landscaping, gardens and especially villas landscaping.

Designed Backyard

Artificial turf | Playground supplies:

Artificial turf is a form of synthetic fibers that is similar to natural grass. These grasses are used to build the floor of sports fields.

Artificial turf advantages:

Low cost and maintenance, quick-and-easy-to-install, resistance to weather factors and changes.

Its color does not change and the hairs do not come off from its roots (note that the life span of this grass is 15-20 years and may increase and may decrease according to use and the type of the surface of the playgrounds or gardens. It decreases in playgrounds and increases in gardens.

Not harmful to the environment if manufactured according to appropriate standards and specifications.

It does not need irrigation and watering at all, unlike natural grass, which needs huge amounts of water.

It does not need lawnmowers, whether by using equipment, machinery or worker, which saves a lot of expenses.

Easy to install and does not need a long period to grow like natural grass.

Artificial turf greatly reduces players' injuries if it is installed properly because it makes the ball move smoothly on it and thus scoring more goals.

Artificial turf is used commonly as an alternative to natural grass for athletic playing surfaces and companies gardens.

Benefits of playground covered with artificial grass

  • Deliver considerably more playing hours than natural grass surfaces.

  • Artificial grass allow play in all weather conditions, all year round because artificial turf pitches are not affected by weather factors as natural turf pitches. It absorbs huge amounts of water and does not float.

  • Not damaged by frost or sun.

  • Its surface does not freeze and will always remain in good condition whether in summer or winter, during rain or snow.

  • Players can practice and play in ideal conditions with no mud, standing water, dust or losing their vitality. Your training schedule will remain consistent throughout the year.

Empty Stadium

Low cost and easy maintenance

Maintenance of a natural grass field requires a large amount of labor, time, effort and capital. While regular maintenance is important to keep the quality of artificial turf pitches for certified companies, it is easier and more affordable in the long run.


Artificial turf pitches for international companies provide diverse and multi-purpose solutions for all football needs. As one field of artificial turf has a capacity equivalent to at least 3 fields of natural grass and it can be used for training and playing purposes.


More games can be played for a long time on artificial turf pitches closer together. Natural turf pitches begin to deteriorate after about 250 hours of play per season, while artificial turf pitches can be played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this depends on good regular maintenance.

American Football Stadium


While the capital for the construction and installation of an artificial turf system for a football field is higher than the capital required for a football field with natural grass, the capital will be much lower in the annual operation in the future.

Then you need less equipment and less manpower, fuel and material cost. It will save maintenance costs, and by reducing the stadium maintenance costs, the stadium use cost can be reduced compared to the natural grass field.

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