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Green walls

Green walls:

  • It is a wall covered with plants, freestanding, or partially or completely covering building facades.

  • Artificial turf has a variety of uses, but the use of artificial turf on walls has another advantage, as it is considered a distinctive decoration and has a nice shape.

  • Because people love the color of green grass of course they feel the beauty of the walls that are covered with artificial grass, especially if they have a distinctive shape.

  • It gives an aesthetic appearance to the wall, especially in the outdoor of homes, clubs, rooftops, and palaces.

  • It protect the walls from the weather conditions especially because the difficulty of painting.

  • It gives privacy to the place.

  • It provides performance close to natural grass.

  • It is at the forefront of important decorations for gardens, clubs, stadiums, villas, etc.

  • It does not need care like the plants, but only need to cleaning and lives compared to natural plants.

An Egyptian company based on Port Said Street,

El Mousky, Cairo, since 1994.

مميزات أسوار العشب الصناعي:

  • درجة عاليه من الأمان والخصوصية تصل إلى 99%.

  • معالج ضد الحشرات.

  • سهل التنظيف.

  • مقاوم لجميع عوامل التعريه.

  • يساعد علي مرور الهواء بشكل طبيعي.

  • يتم تركيبه علي الحوائط والاسوار الحديدية وأيضا الخشبيه.

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